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Twitter is now letting you create your own “Moments”

At the start, Twitter moments was exclusive to Twitters curation team and a select group of partners. Soon Twitter will be opening it up to everyone in the coming months. The social media platform has always been about its users talking what’s going on at this point, whether that’s News or Politics, or just your friend’s experiences.


If you’re trying to talk about something relevant, Twitters 140 character restriction won’t do its justice. Most of the time you end up tweeting out multiple posts, with the plans to open up Moments to everyone. It’ll create richer experiences for the users, and maybe more than a few users will start using the section. Let’s hope this is a good move on Twitter’s part.

If you’re a fan or user of moments, tell us if you think it’s going to be good for users to be able to make their moments. Let us know in the comments down below!

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