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There may not be a new Macbook Pro next month

We’ve been waiting a long time for the refresh to the Macbook Pro line, but we may not see a new Macbook Pro at Apple’s September event next month. Usually, at Apple’s September event they launch the new iPhone and this year it’s the iPhone 7. We may also see a new Apple Watch launching along with the iPhone, but according to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman Apple is unlikely going to launch the new Macbook Pro at the September event.

Mark says it is unlikely for Apple to reveal a refresh at the “iPhone” event. If they’re going to launch the new MacBook Pro at the event, there could be three new devices. The iPhone 7, New Apple Watch, and the refreshed Macbook Pro. Although don’t lose sight yet, Apple is still going to upgrade the MacBook Pro lineup, just not in September. If there could be “One More Thing” at the iPhone event, It would be the Macbook Pro. Let’s hope Apple has something up their sleeve at the iPhone event so that we can get a new Macbook Pro.

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