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Listen with us: Internet History Podcast

The History Internet podcast is an interactive history project producing an audio history record through crowdsourced stories and first person accounts. The host, @brianmcc interviews internet dwellers from Microsoft employees to Tesla co-founder Marc Tarpenning. The most recent episode Brain interviews Joel Johnson of Gawker to talk about blogging as a career and the story of Gawker media.

The podcast is one of my favorite on the internet because it tell’s stories never mentioned before and discussions the politics within the technology community on the web. Everything told on the episodes are from folks who have experienced the rise of the internet or in some cases the downfall of parts of the internet. I’m also a big fan because the podcast is crowdsourcing stories and creating a public archive, which is a very internet-y thing to do.

Each episode is long ranging from an hour long to almost two hours long, but the episodes are so exciting and fill with great stories you get caught up in everything and forget about how long the episode is. I regularly listen to them in the mornings when I’m playing video games or just working on something I don’t need to think about. Either way, the podcast is one you’ll have to find time for!

Tell us what you think about the Gawker Media episode and other favorites from their already extensive archive! Also, don’t forget to leave the podcast a 5-start review if you liked them and tell them we sent you their way!