Make Tweetdeck better with a simple Chrome extension

Tweetdeck is the best explain of abandonware around – Twitter bought it a few years back, and they periodically update it with some already outdated features. The app is targeted towards power users who regularly check Twitter, whether it’s a part of their job to or they’re just hooked on staying updated. Honestly, who else would need to have multiple accounts, columns, and search terms all on one screen? One Chrome extension is working to make Tweetdeck a modern and useful app once again with emojis, thumbnails, and make some minor but necessary visual updates.

The Chrome extension is currently free, but the developer behind the project is tossing around the idea of a paid version. I have always tried to use Tweetdeck more often, but the lack of updates have always made it difficult to kept my social profiles updated with things like emojis. So a paid subscription to make Tweetdeck doesn’t sound like a bad idea if it’s around $5 a year, or less.

The Chrome extension adds an extensive list of features including:

The list goes on with features, all of which are things users have been asking Twitter to change or add to the app. There is a Github where you can contribute to the project, or if you’re not a developer leave a great review on the Chrome App Store.

Tell us in the comments below if you’re going to use the Chrome extension or if your going to use another pro-tool for Twitter!


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