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Kickstart this bendy tripod for vloggers

Everyone on Youtube is starting to vlog, and it comes with a set of challenges from creating content, uploading content daily, to finding the right hardware. There are great camera’s on the market made specifically for vlogging, and high-end mics which get the job done, but there isn’t a flexible tripod which gets the job done. Yes, there is the Joby Gorrillpod but after a while, the tripod becomes loose and doesn’t stay in the position you placed it. Luckily, on vlogger has created a tripod durable enough to withstand daily vlogging.

I first saw the tripod on Casey Neistat’s vlog, but now there is a Kickstarter to fund the tripod made for vloggers like Casey. The modular design means you can make the legs longer or shorter, and when they become loose, you simply tighten the screws. The ideas brilliant, and has raised $33,000 of their $60,000 goal. They have 18 days to go, and should reach their funding goal. The tripod will cost $149 for retail, and there is an early bird perk to get the gadget for only $129.

The Kickstarter has already received an influx of free press from Casey’s vlog, and they’re working on growing the campaign to reach their funding goal. The tripod can hold up a full sized DSLR like a Canon 7D or a mirrorless camera, and works almost like the Joby pod. They guy behind the project has built other camera gear so he has a full supply chain and can get the tripods out to everyone in a month or two, and not six plus months like other Kickstarters.

Tell us in the comments below what you think about the bendy tripod for vloggers and if you’re going to pick on up! Also, don’t forget to tell them that we sent you their way!

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