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Leaked 9 Second Video Shows Rumored GoPro “Hero 5”

A recent video was discovered in the Android app APK by Konrad Iturbe, a well known GoPro tinkerer. The 9-second video labeled “add_camera_hero5.mp4.” The video showcases a GoPro that doesn’t look like the current versions, giving evidence to a new addition to the lineup. The GoPro seems to have three differences to the latest models.

New Body

The leaked video of the GoPro showcases a different body with a touchscreen display, rounded corners, and a raised recording button. Other than the rounded corners and raised record button, the GoPro seems to stick to what they’re known for. That small, compact square shape that makes the brand who they are. What makes this GoPro fascinating is the rounded corners and touchscreen display. The display seems to be flush with the body. The rounded edges also give the hint to a potentially waterproof GoPro. With no need for additional accessories.

Touchscreen Display

The touchscreen display looks to be stock with this GoPro, although GoPro could be releasing different versions/variations. The video showcases a newly designed interface for GoPro users, with touch screens being so small on GoPros it’s nice to see the clean interface. If the touchscreen is flush with the back on this model, it could lead to the new GoPro being waterproof out of the box.

Sniper Mode

Now, no one is quite sure what this is. It’s an option that no one is quite sure what it means. It could be a tracking option, paired with a GoPro accessory. Best guess, that’s the closest I’ve got.

What do you think about the potentially new GoPro Hero 5? Let us know in the comments below!