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Instagram introduces Snapchat-esq disappearing stories

Facebook tried to buy Snapchat a little while back, but instead, they ended up with Instagram which is the more permanent way to share photos and videos. Facebook hasn’t let the idea of Snapchat go by, with apps that mimicked the features and now a full blown rip off of Snap stories within Instagram. Instagram Stories is a timeline within Instagram where users can post photos or videos that disappear after 24 hours.

Instagram has played around with different ways to make the social network more appealing, and keep users engaged, but many Instagram users only once a week maybe even less. They’ve added ways to send direct messages of private photos to one another and pushed gradually into advertisings for brands. The overall ad experience on Instagram is on of the best, with images and post looking like native content from friends or family.

Now with Instagram taking a direct attack towards, Facebook is looking at ways to undercut Snapchat’s growth and massive amount advertisers spend on the platform. Whether users will start using Instagram Stories is a question that might now have an answer just yet.  Instagram Direct seems to never taken off, and I’ve never gotten a direct image since the launch of the new area.

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