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Sunday app collects your photos in one app

Photo apps hit a peak about a year ago when every startup in the valley had a take on the photo app. Arguably, Google Photo’s has become one of the most advanced and successful photo apps available on both iOS and Android. A new photo app startup has emerged which collects images from Facebook, Instagram, Google Photo’s/Drive, Flickr, Gmail, Dropbox and more. The app doesn’t store your photos. Instead, it caches a version of your photos locally to load the photos faster.


The fact the app doesn’t store your photos keeps the app free and doesn’t add another cloud subscription to your wallet. That being said, don’t count out them adding a paid model to keep your photos stored online and add a revenue model to the app. Sunday has a rediscover a feature to surface photos in emails, or photos that have been lost on cloud storage sites for years.

Overall the app is something I’m interested in, and something that I know many of my friends and family would love. They always run into the problem where someone tags a photo of them on Facebook, emails the pictures from a party, or store photos on Dropbox or Google Drive. Then those photos are lost, or worse deleted, and then you want to show someone a photo you’ll have to remember which app the photos store in. All-in-all it makes everything easier and for the low price of free.

Tell us in the comments below what you think about the Sunday app, and tell us what other photo apps you use!