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Kickstart the most advance video communication device

Business video communication isn’t a smooth or easy process, with group conferencing tools either costing hundreds of dollars or being pieces of junks. Luckily one Kickstarter is looking to solve business, personal, and other video communication with a beautifully designed video camera and a platform of advanced software on any device. Hello is an advance, voice controlled, all-in-one video platform where you can make business conference calls, monitor your home while you’re gone, or just make simple video calls between friends or family.

Hello easily connects to any TV or monitor and provides an all-in-one home security, video conferencing, screen sharing, live streaming,  and much more. The Hello does sound more like a business or enterprise tool, but when you work remotely being able to work anywhere and quickly turn into a video call is straightforward and efficient.

Hello has blown by it’s $30,000 goal with $108,000 thousand raised by 201 backers already. The campaign has 43 days to go still, and will likely breeze by $200,000 in no time. The Early Bird perk for $169 only has 35 slots left, which gets you the Hello video all-in-one device and the Hello service for free as long as you live. Otherwise for $4,475 you can snag 20 Hello devices, which is perfect for a remote team or business with multiple locations.


The Hello device looks gorgeous, a somewhat like the Kinect. The device can sit below the TV, on top, or even on the sides of the TV. The lens for the camera tilts to frame the meetings correctly. Not to mention the 4K resolution, voice control, and the ability seamlessly to transfer calls from the phone to the Hello.

If your going to back the campaign tell us what you’re the most excited about from Hello in the comments below! Also, don’t forget to tell the team at Hello we sent you there way.

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