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Pokedrone helps you catch hard to reach Pokemon

Pokemon appear everywhere! They’re in the middle of the water, in neighbors backyards, and in the middle of the street. Trying to catch these Pokemon are dangerous but also tiring when you’re having to run around. Luckily there’s one enterprising company that’s going to help you “catch ’em all!”

Pokedrone is a small remote controlled drone with a built-in camera and GPS.  The drone connects to your phone and extends where you hunt for Pokemon. The drone doesn’t have a price or release date, but what the company has is a great idea at a perfect time. If they can deliver while everyone is still talking about Pokemon Go the company could ship thousands to millions of them.

The micro drone is tiny so it’ll likely not travel far or have a long battery, but it’ll help reaching the Pokemon just out of reach. It’s also unclear how the drone will tell Pokemon Go that it’s the GPS it need to refrence and not the one from the phone. Pokemon Go has been strict on anyone cheating, and has gone as far as banning their accounts to banning phones.


If you are interested in the drone you can head over the the Pokedrone site to sign up to hear more.

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