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Boltivate smart lock attachs to any ordinary deadbolt

Boltivate is a new Kickstarter that’s working on solving the problems of expensive and hard to install deadbolts and other locks. The device takes seconds to install and works with any existing locks you have on your doors.  I’ve always loved the idea of smart locks or other smart devices, but the smart locks were harder to install than some light bulbs.


The Kickstarter has 114 backers with $12,128 days, which is well above their $3,500 goal. Not only was their goal small, but they also managed to breeze by the target in no time. Not to mention, the founder and gadget inventor is only 11 years old!

While the tradition smart locks need you to remove old hardware and replace it with the new smart lock, the Boltivate slides onto existing locks. This means it’s easy to install, control remotely, and doesn’t need to have hardware exchanged. On top of that, the Boltivate is only $35 for one. This price is a fraction of many smart locks, but being a Kickstarter, you won’t see the device until December of this year.

Tell us in the comments below what you think about the Boltivate, compared to other smart locks on the market!


One response to “Boltivate smart lock attachs to any ordinary deadbolt”

  1. im glad kickstarter suspended Boltivate’s campaign as they made many contradictory & even flat out false statements such as claiming they’re the Only smart lock to work with a pre-exisiting deadbolt

    august (already on v2.0), danalock, okidokeys, & sesame (which completed its kickstarter campaign 2 YEARS ago) all beat Boltivate to it

    i think it’s unfortunate so often press release are spread without much due dilligence being conducted to check out claims being made & even moreso that so often crowdfunding platforms don’t take action when campaigns are reported