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Listen with us: Control Walt Delete

The host Walt Mossberg and Nilay Patel take a deep dive into Walt’s weekly column on The Verge. They have an amazing show with the same antics and dad jokes that can be found on The Verge Cast. On each episode, Walt shares his inside knowledge of the industry and stories from Steve Jobs and other technology luminaries. Then towards the end of the episodes, Nilay pulls out an old column of Walts and discuss what’s changed or what’s still going on.

I also have a found love for the unique and clever name that they have – Control Walt Delete. It’s a crafty play on Walt’s name and something that makes the podcast stand out once you catch the joke!

The episodes range in length, with some being as long as an hour. However, they’re filled with laughter and compelling stories that make the time fly by. Beyond the weekly columns, Walt tells his stories from his years of friendships and behind the scenes¬†knowledge. ¬†These stories haven’t been told anywhere else, making this podcast one of a kind!

If you have a little time on your hands, I’d highly recommend taking a list to Control Walt Delete. Also, don’t forget to leave them a 5-star review in iTunes if you enjoy the podcast! Don’t forget to mention we sent you over to them.

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