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Listen with us: Known Your Audience

know-your-audience-logo-smThe Know Your Audience podcast is a branded podcast from KYA – An analytics platform which is looking to help publishers understand their audiences, hence the podcast name. However, you’re not going to hear a long ad or be continually shoveled information on KYA. The introduction says the podcast is brought to your by the company, and from there you won’t hear any more about the service. You will hear interviews with bloggers, journalists, publishers, and anyone else in the publishing space.

Jenna Matecki, the podcast host, leads insightful and entertaining interviews with an astounding guest from Elite Daily, Time Inc, and MIT Technology Review magazine. She does a remarkable job of leading the conversation, but sitting back and letting the guests tell their stories. While I wish she would treat the podcast as conversations, I cannot fault her for taking a back seat in the conversation when she’s talking to these creative and influential guests.

The podcasts range in length, but most are around a half hour, which sometimes feels great because you fit it in during your morning commute. Other times, you’re craving more because the interviews are just so good! The podcast is on iTunes, Google Play, and Sticher for your listening pleasure. I wish more podcasts would put their audio on Soundcloud because I can easily share the podcasts on the web or with friends who don’t fully understand what a podcast is.

Tell us in he comments what you think about the Know Your Audience podcast, and don’t forget to leave them a 5 star review and tell them we sent you their way!