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Opera hits back at Microsoft’s battery test claims

Both Opera and Microsft have confirmed Google Chrome is a resource and battery drain in almost every scenario. On the other hand, Opera claims they have the most battery efficient browser when tested by them. The company said Microsoft didn’t reveal the test method from their video and as such, they’re unable to replicate the test from Microsoft.

Opera released how they did their test along with the environment so other companies could replicate the test and see how everything runs on different laptops. Opera used:

Lenovo Yoga 500, 14″, i3-5005U, 4GB, 500GB HDD, Win 10 using the balanced power profile. The backlight was set to 100% all the time, Wi-Fi was running in 802.11n mode with RSSI -53 dBm. There was no other software running in the foreground; indexing and background services were stopped. Laptops were placed on a wooden surface for similar heat exchange.

The results show:opera-powersaver

One thing is clear: Google Chrome is the biggest resource hog out of all the browsers on the market. It’s also clear the browser wars are starting to heat up again. We haven’t seen a lot of activity among new browsers or browsers overtaking market share. We saw a lot of discussion around Chrome being a battery drain on Mac, and the talk of it being one on Windows could make a few folks switch to Opera or Microsoft Edge.

Tell us if you’re going to switch browsers because Chrome is a battery hog, or if you’re going to stick with the most popular browser in the comments below!