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BabyBit keeps your baby connected

Keeping track of your baby is a daunting task, and cameras or other baby monitors are limited to one room or certain angels. This means when the child or caretakers out of the room you’re unable to know what’s happening or who’s with the baby. The BabyBit on IndieGoGo is the perfect baby monitor for the working parent.  It’s a small device that connects to everyone’s phone and tells you a range of data: how far away your baby is away from the babysitter, where your child is, and even if your child is sleeping.

The IndieGoGo campaign has an early bird edition available for $99, a $30 saving off the retail price. The device attaches to your child’s clothing, making it easy to keep it on them, and prevent them from taking it off. It’s also easy to move from each outfit without much effort, making it a breeze for the babysitter or other parents.

The notifications include the baby’s temperature, or if the baby has been crying for a prolonged time, or even how far away the babysitter is from the baby. The parents can change the notifications based on what they want to see like I would enjoy seeing where the baby is and the temperature. I wouldn’t want to get a mass amount of notifications on different things about the child throughout the day that I didn’t need to know about.

The device is encouraging hover parenting, but if you use it with some restraint, it is something useful to keep you informed on what your child is doing. It’s a useful tool to track the child’s temperature during a hot summer day or see how long he/she has been sleeping.

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