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GitMarket is a Git – powered marketplace to help you sell code

Selling source code isn’t a smooth or easy process, and there hasn’t been a one stop shop to sell and buy some code. Git Market is “the world’s first platform for buying and selling code using a private Git repositories.”

All you need to do to get started is import your existing code, choose a price, and Git Market will help you sell the project. The marketplace takes 30% of every sale, which can be a hefty chunk but for all the support from the market, it’s a fair price.

Chupamobile is a popular market to buy or sell iOS/Android source code. The problem with the market is the code sold on the site is limited to iOS and Android. Git Market, on the other hand, lets you sell anything from iOS coded to HTML. Just as long as it’s a private repository, it works. I recommend you check it out if you’re a freelance programmer.

Tell us in the comments below if you’re going to add your private repository to Git Market!

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