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OS X is Mac OS Sierra

The rumors around Mac OS were right! Apple has renamed OS X to Mac OS, and the version name is Sierra. The new name brings small updates that make using your Mac easier and they make using all Apple devices much easier.

The updates to Mac OS isn’t a major overhaul, but Apple has added small features that make the OS more powerful and easier to use. The update includes auto-unlock, Apple Pay on the web, pop-out videos from the browser, new tabs in any app, improve space optimization, Siri on Mac, and more.

Siri on the Mac is super powerful, being able to send messages, play music, and search all your computers files. She isn’t as powerful as Alexa but she’s gotten some neat features that make using the Mac more productive. The space optimization is also fairly fascinating; it cleared 150GB of space from a Mac that only had 20GB of space left.

The public beta will be available¬†in July, and the official¬†launch will come in the fall when we’ll likely see a new iPhone.