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iOS 10 announced with new features

Apple introduced iOS 10, which is the biggest update for iOS yet! Apple is focusing on privacy and algorithms and AI’s in iOS 10. Siri is a big focus around iOS being added into the Keyboard, in Photos, and third-party developers can build apps for Siri. iOS 10 is going to be more useful, but at the same time easier to use.


Apple understands touchID is now super quick, making it too easy to bypass you phone lock screen with notifications. Now the phone will turn the screen on when you raise the phone towards your face. This means you won’t have the click the touchID button to activate the screen.


Siri is updated with third party developers being able to loop in. The API is a direction reaction to Amazon’s Alexa ability to work with smart lights, Spotify, and hundreds of other services. Siri can now send money via Square, message via WeChat, or even play different music services in the car. Siri will also suggest things when you’re typing on a keyboard. Siri is quickly becoming a powerful personal assistant on the Mac and iPhone.


Photos are getting smarter with the newest iOS 10 update. The photos now have facial recognition, location data, and can sort the library’s based on trips. The features sound a lot like Google Photo’s which has done a lot of these features for years.


Apple Maps has also been open up to developers. Map extensions mean you can make reservations with OpenTable right within maps. The company also introduced improvements to nearby, and how it works with CarPlay. It’s becoming more powerful, and able to rival Google Maps at their own game.


Apple Music has been redesigned from the ground up. Apple Music looks beautiful, making the music more prominent and easier to find. The first window when you open Apple Music is finally the library tab, showing you all the music you have downloaded or what your streaming. Music connects tab is also refreshed with more content and more info on the artist.


Apple News is also getting updated making the app look like more like a newspaper. The News app is more personalized and includes subscriptions from magazines or newspapers. The app will also feature breaking news updates making the app more useful. Other than that the updates to news are small and minor to improve your reading experience.

Smart Home

HomeKit is getting updated with more support from devices, and more home builders like KB Home are adding HomeKit devices to their new homes. The new app from Apple is called Home, which lets you see what devices are in your home. Siri is also going to control the home with just your voice, or if you want just to use a button, the HomeKit is built into your control center.

Voice Calls

The phone experience is getting updated with voice mail transcriptions since everyone leaves voicemails. Screening calls also have a new API that let developers plug in and screen calls. You’re now able to see who’s calling you or show what business/person is calling you. If the person calling you is in your contacts there, the image will popup with info about them.


Messages aren’t being overlooked with updates to how we use messages, with a lot of features that we’ve seen from WeChat or Facebook Messenger. There is also emoji search, handwritten messages, digital touch messages, full-screen effects, and being able to resize text. iMessage is also being opened up to third party developers so you can send strickers, money via sqaure, and a dozen of other options.