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Apple’s iOS 10 lets you uninstall stock apps

We all have a folder on our iPhone where we hide stock apps including the stock app, voice memos, iBooks, Reminders apps, and more. It’s been a crazy announce of many iPhone users who say Apple is forcing services and apps we don’t need or want. I agree, I have always wished we could uninstall these stock apps from the phone. While there have been tricks and workarounds, there hasn’t been an official way to do so from Apple, until now.

In the iOS 10 developer preview, you’re able to uninstall the stock iPhone apps. This picture show we can uninstall apps like Tips, compass, and even as far as contacts. The ability to uninstall contacts seems odd, but being only a developer preview, this could be a small bug in the software so far.

While I’m not installing the developer preview, I’ll install the beta in July where I’ll hopefully get to uninstall these junky apps. I would be interested in uninstalling the calendar app and replacing it with the Google Calendar app, but that would also mean iOS 10 lets you set default apps that aren’t from Apple.

It’s an interesting prospect that Apple is opening up! Tell us in the comments below what apps you’d uninstall from your iPhone.