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Apple watchOS 3 announced at WWDC

WachOS 3 was announced at WWDC in San Fransico with improvements that make the watch more usable. The update is the biggest since the Apple was announced two years ago, and a lot of the features are how the watched should have worked from the start.

The most prominent feature is ‘Instant Apps’ which enable the apps to load quickly instead of waiting around for the app to launch.  Apple demoed the feature on stage; it’s a dramatic change for the Watch. It’s a significant shift that makes the watch more usable, one that should have been a feature from the start, if you ask me.

The side button is now the dock button, instead of the communication button. Control Center, is an easier way to reply to messages. Although performance is being emphasized, the UI is getting a little overhaul, too, with new watch faces and a scribble feature to write out quick messages.

There is also an SOS function which calls 911 when you push and hold the side button. Once you call an emergency service, it’ll gather your location and instantly message friends you designate. Then it’ll show your medical ID, in case you’re unable to tell the first responders anything.

This is Apple’s biggest update to the watch, but the updates could affect the battery life but the instant apps will make the watch work faster. Keep an eye out for the update in the fall, but the developers will get the update now to start developing apps!