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Siri may have just revealed Siri on MacOS

Siri… You may have just spilled the beans on Siri coming to Mac OS.

As we have long been anticipating and one of the many different speculations of things to come at WWDC. One of those being Siri on the Mac, and it may have just been revealed. Siri has been a helpful tool for a while now; easily allowing users to search quickly on the web, set an alarm, or message a friend without having to unlock their iPhone. However, one question we have all been asking, myself included, is the question if there will be Siri on Mac OS X this year?0vYO0Vh7_NhpgWSYC.

This could just be some funny joke Apple Devs are trying to play on us, but who knows, we could see Siri on Mac OS X very soon.

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