Samsung just announced “truly wireless” earbuds that may be actually worth buying

Samsungs truly wireless earbuds, iconX earbuds,  with their eyes on fitness and being truly wireless.

Let’s face it unless wireless earbuds have an astounding 7-12 hour battery life; most consumers are looking into buying them for activities such as Exercising, Running, or Cycling. That’s what Samsung is looking to focus on with their ear IconX earbuds. They are very similar to other fully wireless earbuds we’ve seen from dozen of Kickstarter campaigns.

The earbuds are launching in Quarter 3 this year according to Samsung and come in three color variations. The earbuds are charged through the case included with the earbuds, and can give a full charge after being used for hours. The battery life on the earbuds are only 2 to 3 hours, but for some features, it’s a minor sacrifice.  Sure it’s great to have fully wireless earbuds, but they only last about an hour and a half on a single charge when streaming via Bluetooth. It’s a very good idea with more and more startups/companies looking into this technology; we could see a great pair of truly wireless earbuds shortly.

What are your thoughts on wireless earbuds/headphones in general? Let us know down below!


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