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Unlikely rumor of iMessage on Android to appear at WWDC

Apple is rumored to deliver iMessage on Android at this year’s WWDC, which was promised when iMessage first hit iPhone’s years ago.

Android iMessage

Personally, this rumor may be seen as unlikely, but compared to other rumors like the Apple Watch 2 – the rumor seems more realistic. Apple introduced Apple Music on Android not long after the iOS launch, the company could bring more services to Android. Among the tech community and general consumers, a reliable factor as to why iPhone users won’t switch to Android is iMessage. The messaging platform, iMessage, is loved among iPhone users (Android users too, but they won’t admit it).

It’s super simple interface combined with the retro blue bubbles is known by everyone. It’s simple but messaging non-iPhone users can sometimes be a hassle. Green Bubbles and Failed to send messages are among the few issues iPhone users run into when sending messages to Android devices. I’d love to see what Apple’s One More Thing is. iMessage on Android could well be the one more thing.

Are you an Android user? How do you feel about iMessage and the potential push to Android? Let us know down below!