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Record and listen to conversations on Bumpers

Everyone’s listening to podcasts, and everyone wants to create them. However, creating a podcast isn’t as easy as it seems. In the editing process, you have to listen and relisten to clips to get the perfect parts to cut. Then you have to place music and other sound effects to get the best sounding production. Bumpers is a new app that lets you record audio, and then clip it down to a finished product. The app uses an algorithm to cut the sound down based on when you start and start a sentence. On top of this, you’re able to add music, sound effects, and share directly within the app.

The idea of smart editing, the addition of sound effects, and audio prompts make the app a unique view on podcasts. Some prompt includes “what meme would you be if you could be a meme,” and much more.

Great Bumpers:

There are other similar apps like Anchor, which let anyone join in the podcast conversation. The Bumpers app is become a popular app among the technology community already, with it trending already on Product Hunt, and tweets from high profile technology influencers using the app.

The UI and easy use of the editing makes it easy to start giving your opinion in audio form. There are already hundreds of users creating bumbers and sharing them with friends! Create an account now and start creating amazing audio content in minutes!

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