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Custom computer mounted on the back of 34″ curved screen

Aura by Digital Storm is a massive 34-inch curved screen with a custom computer mounted on the rear of the screen. The Aura still isn’t your average computer; it’s a custom-built gaming rig with a Nvidia graphics card added in. The highest configuration crams a Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 8GB, Intel Core i7, and 16 GB of RAM on the back on the 34″ screen. The price tag is hefty, though! The ultimate configuration, which is the highest setup you can nab will set you back a cool $3,537.

The lowest configuration comes with an Intel Core i5, GeForce GTX 960, and 16 GB of Ram. That setup will still set you back $2,000, but the computer will still run games smoothly and at high frame rates.

Putting a full computer behind a screen isn’t a new idea, but putting a computer of this power is the first of it’s kind. All-in-one setups have been on the rise to save space, and keep the wires to a minimal. The Aura is built with off the shelf parts meaning you’re able to customize and change out the parts when upgrades are available.

Tell us in the comments below what you think about the Aura, and if it’s a computer you’d pick up over other options.


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