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Motion Still by Google turns live photos into GIFs

Live photo’s on the iPhone 6S are a popular way to capture motion, but instead of using a video it uses a series of photos to make a ‘live photo’. They’re Apple’s alternative to the GIF, but Motion Still by Google will turn your live photos into GIFs. The Google Research project uses image stabilization¬†and some Google Photos magic to make your live photos GIFs so you can easily share them on Twitter, Facebook, or with friends that don’t have an iPhone 6S.

The idea of turning the live photos into a GIF isn’t crazy, and Google is making a fantastic app for iPhone users. The results of the GIFs are smooth and much better than Apple’s alternative. The results are truly astounding, with the app only taking seconds to translate your live photos to GIFs. The app will make creating time lapses easy and then share them with your friends that are on Android, or even to Twitter.

The app is the second iOS exclusive app, with Gboard being the first one. Google is doubling down on iOS by augmenting the iPhone experience with more Google services that are well built and make using the iPhone a little better. On Product Hunt, a lot of users were commenting on why this was iOS only. The reason is because iOS only has live photos, and Android doesn’t have anything like the feature.

Tell us in the comments below what you think about the Motion Stills by Google app, and whether you’re going to use it to make those live photos more useful!