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Facebook forcing mobile users to Messenger App

Facebook is beginning to force mobile web users into downloading Facebook Messenger. Facebook spun out Messenger a while back, and pushed Facebook Android and iOS users into using the messaging app. While some users have hated the change, the app has become one of the top apps in the App Store.

Now Facebook Messenger on the mobile web is warning users that “Your conversations are moving to Messenger,” but it’s clear Facebook is going to start moving users towards the app as quickly as possible. Any users who refuse to download the app are going to be locked out of messaging their friends on the social network.

I have hated the Messenger app, but as it becomes more useful to the point I have come to enjoy the app. Messenger is becoming a platform to send money, talk to friends, talk to business, and have bots message you about NBA game scores or your bank balance. Facebook’s argument for two apps is the Messenger app provides a better experience