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Energysquare’s wireless charging sticker

Wireless charging isn’t always available on new phones or tablets, and when it is – it’s not always easy as just placing the phone down to charge. Often you’ll need to set the phone just right for the phone to charge, and finding the spot on the phone isn’t a small task. Energysquare is a “new generation” of wireless charging which will make keeping your phone charged a breeze.  The device is on Kickstarter with the promise of easy conductive charging. The campaign is just short of it’s $33,660 goal, with current pledges at $33,444 at the time of this post.

The Energysquare is a square matt where you can place all your devices to charge on the new wireless conductive technology they company is working on. Adding the ability to charge up with the square you’ll only need a small sticker which plugs into the charging port.

The little sticker is ugly it’s better than placing a wireless charging case on your phone. Besides the small strip on the back won’t draw a lot of attention and being able to charge wirelessly is incredible. The Galaxy S7, along with few other flagship Android phones have advance quick charge wireless technology, but they aren’t widely adopted. If you’re a Nexus owner, you’re missing out on wireless charging, and the Energysquare will help you add the feature.

The charging pad isn’t using Qi wireless charging technology. They aren’t using inductive charging, electromagnetic waves, instead they’re using their patented conductive charging technology.

If you back the campaign now, you’ll pay about $88 for one charging square and five charging stickers. For the price, it’s one of the best ways to jump on the wireless charging bandwagon, especially if you have an iPhone.

Tell us in the comments below if you’re going to back Energysqaure on Kickstarter, and if you think the idea is worth it!