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Slack is a modern enterprise communication tool which pitches their platform as a replacement for email. Essentially, Slack is old school IRC client retooled with modern web standards, is platform agnostic, and has bots for better workflows. Media publishers like Buzzfeed and technology companies like Samsung use Slack as an internal communication tool. The instant conversations allow for quick decisions in a world where we treat email like text messages.

Slack isn’t only used by large companies or for enterprise communication. Slack has become popular with families, friends, and small groups in local communities. I’m a part of a local San Antonio Slack group which has connected me with many friends and even helped me land freelance gigs. I want to have the same sense of community with DB, even as we’re spread across the world in multiple time zones.

You’ll get to see our editorial calendar with upcoming topics and reviews, along with discussions on what we could add to our coverage. Along with the calendar, we’ll have live blogs or discussions during events like WWDC, CES, and SXSW. These talks are confined to Slack, and exclusive for our Slack friends. As we’re live on the ground at these events you can ask us questions, get us to cover certain happenings, or see behind the scene photos from our crew. There are also other channels about gadgets, Kickstarter’s, and when you join you could create your own public or private channel.

Joining our Slack group is free and easy. We believe Slack is the new comment section and forums, and could become a favorite place for communities to connect beyond social media. To join our Slack, you’ll fill out the form below to invite yourself to the community. Once you’re set up, you’ll join the #general channel where you can talk about anything you want, or you can start your channel. Make yourself at home and don’t forget to introduce yourself! Our developers and writers are all one there to welcome you to the DB community!

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