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Product Hunt has a buy button

Product Hunt which let startup founders and techies alike ‘hunt‘ apps, gadgets, books, podcasts, and other internet products. The site has become influential among tech leaders, with Google even ‘hunting’ their Gboard and other products so they could get feedback and discuss them with the community. If you come across a gadget such as the ResetPlug, you’d surf to purchase it on their site.

Product Hunt is making the process easier with the introduction of their eCommerce shop. The buy buttons are available for select partners, but the company is working with other companies to start selling their products on the social network. The button is powered by Strip and only available on the desktop version. Products also only ship to the United States, even though a majority of their audience is international.

There is a mix of goods from the $499 Eero home router to Product Hunts $5 swag pack. It’s unclear if Product Hunt is getting a cut of the sale, or if they’re adding the product as something to just benefit the users. The company did mention that the limit factor of shipping only to the U.S. is collecting tax in multiple countries.


Product Hunt is becoming a better place for startups each day. The creators submitting products now have a large community to start selling products on without having to worry about users crashing their site.

Leave a comment below if you’re excited about Product Hunt’s shop and tell us what you’re going to pick up!