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Google Home will compete with the Amazon Echo

At Google I/O, Google announced Google Home, which will compete with the Amazon Alexa. The device will have Google’s newly announced assistant, and will work with Nest and other Google service. Google Home features multiple microphones to detect speech anywhere in the room but isn’t built into the OnHub router like a lot of rumors claimed.

Google say’s Google Home is in its “early days,” with plans to launch the device this fall. At Google I/O, the company mainly teased the device. There isn’t a lot known including what the price will be or if there will be an open API like Alexa from Amazon has.

The device looks a little ugly, but will still be something I’d leave on the center of a table or in plain sight. The top of the device has four dots with Google’s colors, and the bottom fabric looks like it comes in different colors. We’ll have to wait to see what else Google announces about Home over the summer or going into Fall.

Tell us in the comments below what you think about Google Home, and if you’d buy a Google smart device or an Amazon Echo.

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