POP external swappable battery for Android & iPhone

Phone batteries suck, and external batteries have a lot of extra cables and are unwieldy. This is the problem POP is solving in a unique way. The POP is a compact swappable powerbank for Android and iPhone. The battery sticks onto the back of the phone and has a short cable to plug into your device. When on the back of a phone the battery looks a lot like the iPhone’s battery case, with the back bump minus all the protection of the case.


You can attach the POP to any silicon or metal case, or straight to the phone. The battery inside is also exchangeable allow your external battery to act as a way to swap batteries like old school Android phones. The POP can withstand normal wear and tear, which won’t come unstuck unless you want to remove the battery. The battery is sold separately, but the 1800 mAh is relatively inexpensive and can be found everywhere.

The POP is a little ugly and bulky, but at the same time, it’s designed elegantly as possible. I would pick the POP or a lot of external batteries when I go to events like CES or SXSW because I like the idea of it always being plugged in without having all these wires hanging around.

Now you might think if you have an iPhone: Why’d you buy a POP over the Apple case, and it all comes down to price. If you act quickly, you can get the POP for $19 without the battery and free worldwide shipping. If you want the battery to slide into the POP, you’ll spend $22 for the battery and device. This price is greatly lower than the iPhone case, and can fit onto any iPhone or Android device.

I am on the edge of wanting on because I’m not sure if I’d like the battery on the back of my phone. Then again, I see the price and go if I don’t like it I can always toss it into my box of failed technology. Tell us in the comments below if you’re going to back POP on IndieGoGo, and don’t forget to tell them we sent you over!

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