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iOS App review times are under 3 Days

Apple reviews each app submitted to the App Store, which has made app review times close to 8 days. Recently, Apple has ramped up reviews and shortened the time to only three days on average.

All developers know the struggle of the typical week long process when you finally finish that app you’ve been working on. Only to have it succeed and go live, or get rejected because of a bug you didn’t catch in development.

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According to AppReviewTimes, the iOS review time is down to 2 days with Mac apps down to 1! It’s insane review times are down to only one day when Apple manually reviews each app. Over just a year ago developers would be lucky if they could get it down to 6 days. Google’s Play store submission are only an hour, but a lot of the process is done through algorithms.

Let’s hope Apple can keep this up with WWDC around the corner. A lot of developers will rush to submit app updates for updates to iOS and any new devices released.

Are you a developer? Let us know what you think about the review times in the comments below!