WWDC 2016 – What to expect


WWDC is upon us, and its gearing up to be an exciting one. Apple posted a loss in earning for the first time in a decade, and many are wondering where they’re going to bet big again. While some speculate VR is the next horizon, Apple will likely focus down on the iPhone, Apple Watch, Macbook lines to boost their earnings through 2016.

The conference is June 13 – 17, 2016, in San Fransico, Californa. The annual World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC) has become a platform for Apple to announce their newest products and announce the new OS for the iPhone and Mac.

Let’s dive into the news we know that’ll come out of WWDC:

New iOS

Every year is announcing a new iOS it’s bound to happen. But the real question is could WWDC 2016 be the year of an iOS refresh? Apple released iOS 9 at last year’s conference with new features like multitasking, quick type, improved Siri, and notes. Nothing innovative or exciting,  but definitely some great features to have – some of which Android’s had for years.

I’m looking forward to seeing what Apple has up their sleeve this year. Maybe a complete re-design, perhaps something more subtle. We’ll have to wait and see.

New OS X

El Capitan was a solid release, but still annoyingly boring. Apple added some great features and optimized foraging Macbook’s. Leaving older devices in good standing, and allowing you to keep that older Macbook Pro just a little longer, hopefully long enough till a refresh.

It was a lot faster, And Multitasking is great too. I’m hoping Apple can give us more features that will “Reinvent” OS X. That’s my hope at least.

Apple’s also rumored to renamed OS X to Mac OS further making iOS a mobile platform and Mac OS something for the old school laptops.

What we’ll see on MacOS:

Updated MacBook Pro Lineup

It’s time. It’s time for a change That we all have been patiently waiting for. Apple to update the MacBook Pro. Apple’s Macbook Pro’s are absolute powerhouses. They last forever, and a new update to the lineup could mean the even greater potential for what you can accomplish.

The rumors hint at a new Macbook Pro, but we’ve been hearing murmurs about these for well over a year now. The Macbook Air recently saw a spec bump, and the Macbook was improved with new chips and features. If you’re shopping for a Macbook Pro that’s powerful, sleek, and comes in another color like rose gold – I’d wait a little while longer to see the new ones Apple’s going to hopefully announce.

What we’ll see on the Macbook Pro’s 2016:

Xcode and Swift – Developer Tools

In typical fashion, we can confirm an update to the Developer Tools and New Language Swift. I hope to see Xcode optimization, so developing Applications in Xcode is not as heavy on older devices. Swift is probably going to see an improvement as well.


If Apple doesn’t boost sales and make the iPhone sell more through the year, they’ll likely see a huge dip in stock prices. I’m excited to see a new Macbook Pro and a renamed OS X. Apple’s known to keep secrets, and has been better at doing so in recent years.

What are your thoughts on WWDC this year? What are you excited to see? Let us know down below and don’t forget to check out our video with our predictions!


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