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Listen with us: a16z podcast

The a16z podcast is from venture capital firm by Andreessen Horowitz, which was founded in 2009 by Marc Andreessen and Ben Horowitz.  The VC firms invested in AirBnB, Box, Digital Ocean, and dozens of other high-profile startups. Their podcast discusses trends, news, and how software is eating the world. 

They bring industry leaders, entrepreneurs, and innovative thinkers onto the show to talk about their weekly topics. I’ve been listening to their podcast for weeks now, which gives me an inside look a how they see the technology industry there not only investing in but also helping to shape. They’ve invested billions of dollars into companies that have changed how web hosting works, how you book a hotel, and how you store your files online. They’ve been forwarding thinking in their investments, and their podcast gives a glimpse of how they’re thinking about the iPad Pro or Facebook’s chat bots.

Tell us in the comments below if you’ve listened to them before or if you enjoyed our recommendation. Also, send us your podcast recommendations! We love listening to new and exciting podcasts each week.


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