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Android MODE is a fashionista’s dream

Android MODE is a lot like the Apple Watch, And that’s ok. The quick release bands have become popular among smart watch wearers. People are tied to the smart watch day in and day out, but the bands can change styles and fit their wardrobe for the day.

We’ve encountered the struggle of having to use a tool to switch out our watch bands, and it can be a real pain in the mornings or late nights.

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Google just announced Android MODE. Changing your bands for different activities reminds us of the Apple Watch and its interchangeable bands. The concept behind MODE is that Android watches for a while have been super easy to change your watch face with just a couple of taps. That wasn’t the case with the watch bands. If you had a band for a certain occasion such as work and then wanted to go to the gym, it’d be a hassle to change them out.


That’s not the case anymore. With bands that you can swap out with just a click, Android is definitely on it’s way to making the watches more versatile to their users.

Tell us in the comments below if you’re going to buy an Android Mode watch band for your Android Wear watch!


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