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Nintendo announced a mysterious new console: Nintendo NX

In March 2017, the Xbox One and PS4 will have a competitor from Nintendo. The Nintendo NX is a mysterious new console which was announced in a press release relating to late games. We know nothing about the Nintendo NX, expect this new console will go on sale March of 2017. We were teased with the ‘NX’ brand almost a year ago, and we’ve heard rumors about a console which is more powerful than a PS4 or Xbox One. Those have stayed rumors with Nintendo staying quite on what they were working on.

The company who’s faded into the background has recently surged onto the headlines with their first iOS app; Miitomo. We’ve plenty of rumors about a handled console hybrid much like Wii U’s mobile unit, but they’ve seemed far fetch. Nintendo is a casual gaming platform which has a large swatch of followers who enjoy playing Mario or Zelda. They’re not hardcore gamers who care about power or graphics, but instead want a family friendly game console with games the whole family can play.

After the Wii U’s utter failure, even with successful titles like Splatoon, Super Mario 3D World and Bayonetta 2, the company needs a success to keep them relevant. A mobile strategy looked promising, but they’ve been resistant to putting their biggest hits, Mario, onto a platform they don’t control. Now the 3Ds has had success, more than any other handle in recent years. The device is showing its age and becoming outdated as smartphones become the go-to gaming platform.

To turn around the companies finances, they need a home run with the NX. They’ve already drummed up a lot of hyped with this sneaky announcement, but can they keep it for a whole year? It’s hard to say as Nintendo’s known for delay’s and pivots at the last moments. What we do know about the NX is limited but promising.

Nintendo’s President, Tatsumi Kimishima, spoke openly to the Times about the NX.

  • Not building another Wii or Wii U
  • A console hybrid with a focus on mobile
  • More powerful than the Xbox One or PS4
  • Miitomo will play a significant role in the new NX platform
  • Will become a part of Nintendo’s long term plan

While Nintendo is planning a robust platform to last years, the most important part of the console could be the price. The Wii and DS gained traction because they were priced $250 and $150, so whatever Nintendo does build they know that pricing a mid-tier device is the selling point.

Tell us in the comments below what you think about the Nintendo NX or the lack of information on the next gen console.

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