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Rocket League Hoops is a goofy take on basketball

My Rocket League addiction is deep these days. I haven’t been pictorially good, but the casual feel of the game meant I could play for hours. I started playing mid-2015 when the game was on PC but quickly jumped over to the Xbox One.

I’ve stayed committed to Rocket Leauge for a while, and a community of dedicated players have supported the game since day one. This community allowed Psyonix, Rocket League’s developers, to continue to add value to the game but still keep the core idea intact. I’ve continued to wonder how a $20 game could allow a group of developers to build dozens of game modes and all for free.

Hoops, a basketball-themed mode, is the biggest addition to the game yet. The game feels completely different, and you have to use your car in a fundamentally different way.

The hoop is extended above the court, and the ball isn’t able to pass under. The cars can travel under or through the hoops ‘wall.’ To score, you’ll have to launch the ball into the air to even get a chance. The start of the match is even widely different, as the players race to hit the ball first it’s dropped from the air like a standard ‘jump ball’ in basketball.

The game is one of the best indie games around, and the latest hoops update is highly addictive. If you have an extra $20 to buy Rocket League the games available on PS4, Mac, PC, and on the Xbox One.

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