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Podcast are available on Google Play Music

Google Play Music now has a section for podcasting – making it easier for Android users to listen to their favorite podcasts on the go. Android users before had to go out and download a podcast app like Pocket Cast, Overcast, or Sticher Radio. This extra step in listening to a podcast made it less appealing to normals, or anyone who didn’t know what a podcast was.

Google’s also doing a clever trick where they’re using Radio stations like “laughing out loud” or “learn something new,” to play multiple different podcasts. They understand a podcast is like radio, but we haven’t listened to them in that way. Instead, we’ve listened to one, gone and looked for another. Now you’ll get multiple podcasts played back to back like NPR or other talk shows.


There is also a top charts broken down by category, but their isn’t a trending list or editor picks like iOS. The radio feature is the most appealing because it exposes you to dozens of new podcasts you may like. The app is being compared to Outcast or other premium podcast, but there are still features lacking.

If you like to keep all your listen activities in one app Google Play Music is now one of the best one stop shops for Android and web users. Tell us in the comments below if you’re using Google Play Music for podcast listening or if you’re still using a different podcasting app.

Also our Digital Bounds podcast is on the Google Play Music podcast section!