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Let’s hunt on Product Hunt

Product Hunt is a place for technology influencers to share apps, podcast, and books. I’ve become active on the site, but there is a lot of products to keep track of. Each week I do a recap of the best goods and the ones I think need more attention on Product Hunt. Also, I attached last weeks describtion of product hunt if you didn’t catch the post.

Product Hunt is a service where you can share and discover new products. The site was founded by Ryan Hoover in November of 2013, with funding from Y Combinator. The basis of the site is users submit a fresh podcast, an innovative app, other tech products, or wild gadgets. From there other users upvote the products onto the front page. The whole process feels a lot like Reddit but with a focus towards discovering products within the technology community.

I’m active on Product Hunt as @leonhitchens, where you can follow me!

Let’s hunt together! 


Franz 2.0

Franz is a free messaging app for Windows, Linux, and Mac. The app supports Slack, WhatsApp, WeChat, HipChat, Facebook Messenger, TelegramGoogle Hangouts, GroupMe, and Skype. Instead of having dozens of messaging apps on your desktop you’re able to streamline message between friends, family, and coworkers. I use Slack for the site communication but talk to editors with Skype and Hangouts. One messaging app would make it easier to talk to everyone.

Linkedin Students

Hunting for a job, pun intended, is hard enough. Hunting for a job when you’ve just graduated college is even harder. The Linkedin apps a tool aimed directly at students looking for internships and jobs. The app is cementing the apps usage for another generation of job seekers.

The Shock Clock

If you have a hard time waking up in the mornings, or want to stop pressing snooze, the Shock Clock will help you break those bad habits. The watch is an alarm clock which shocks you to get you up in the morning. There is a lot of science that goes into how the watch works, and should help you start a new habit fairly quickly. Check it out on Product Hunt and IndieGoGo!

Frontside the Podcast

Have you wondered how a company hires their software developers? The frontside podcast goes into the unique and unusual way they hire their employees. They cover everything from monitoring and onboarding employees; they also discuss exit interviews and their vision for employees.  Listen to the podcast for the scoop!

YC Interview Practice

If you’re thinking about launching your startup through Y Combinator you know, there are some hard and pressing questions you’ll get before they hand you any funding. The YC interview app features Sam Altman asking the most important and crucial questions during your interviews. The app is creepy AF; it makes Sam’s face move, and his voice sounds computer generated.

Hootsuite for YouTube

Managing a YouTube is increasingly hard, and YouTube doesn’t offer a lot of management tools. Hootsuite provides social media management tools for Twitter, Facebook, and much more. Today, HootSuite add tools for YouTube. You’re now able to schedule videos, review playlist, and even search for videos all from Hootsuite mobile or web. A perfect tool for YouTubers!

Live chats

Slack Live

Time: April 27 10am PDT


Slack is an enterprise instant messaging client that’s risen in popularity among media companies and startups in silicon valley. The company is expanding out to any company who wants to kill email, but they still have a lot of hurdles to cover like threaded messaging and single sign on.

If you have a question for the Slack team or want to ask them about adding a feature jump onto Product Hunt to have an AMA of sorts.


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