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Listen with us: The Intern Podcast

The Intern podcast is the very personal story from Allison Behringer, @albtweetin, on her internship inside of Beta Works – a New York based startup studio and venture capital company. Allision is a new hire at Beta Works, but she’s new to the technology world and the startup world. She takes us along on her journey of trying to buy a mattress and lugging it home through New York, and on the hard topic of asking for a raise.

Each episode has me biting my nails as Allision struggles with the fact she is only an intern, and her position could get cut at any moment. It’s one of the most honest, relatable, and personal podcast I’ve heard yet. There are only five episodes, and the last one was posted well over a month ago. The episodes are also shorter, about 20 mins long, with the longest one being 35 mins.

It’s one of the podcasts I’ve recommended to techy and none tech friends because it’s such a compelling story. Even though its been over a month since the last episode, Allision still has her job, and she’s working on another episode for us.

Check out The Intern on SoundCloud, iTunes, or their website. Leave them a five-star review and don’t forget to tell them we sent you there way. Lastly, once you’re done with the podcast, which shouldn’t take long, leave a comment below on what you thought of the podcast.



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