Apple rumored to release ‘Ultra Thin’ Macbook Pro’s at WWDC

Apple hasn’t updated the Macbook Pro since March/May of 2015. Leaving users hanging at the March 21st event, It’s getting towards that time again to upgrade.

The MacBook 12in just recently got updated with better specs and a Rose Gold finish. It’d be nice to see New Colors, Ultra-Thin Bezels, and Better Specs which could be a huge possibility. Rumors are flying around that Apple may release the new Macbooks around WWDC.

With WWDC typically being software (iOS and OS X) We could see a combination of the new Macbook and Software optimized for each other. I’m excited to see what Apple has up their sleeve this WWDC. If there’s a new Macbook somewhere in the mix, then it’d be something to watch.


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