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Listen with us: Startup Podcast

The Startup podcast is the real time story of building startups, ending startups, and struggling with business and doing what you love. Season three is starting April 14th, where they’ll tell the stories of failures and almost failures of multiple startups. Where I fell in love with the podcast though there mini-bonus season. The podcast took the journey with Matt and Alex, the two co-founders of Gimlet Media: a media company with a focus on podcasting.

In the mini-series, Alex and Matt talked about founding a media startup and the struggle they’ve faced with the fast growth, ads, and personal relationships. In one episode they revealed a lot of business details from how much they have in the bank to how much they’re projected to spend in the year. In another episode, they had a hard discussion with employees about diversity. More episodes are talking about the hard issues within Gimlet, and letting everyone listen in is wild. The behind the scenes look is insightful, and if you’re a startup founder, you’ll understand the struggles they’ve faced.

In the first season, Alex and Matt discuss how to name your startup,  how to deal with burnout, and how to value your new startup. The topics are all helpful tips when your debating on quitting your day job and committing to your startup full time. The podcast is a must listen if you’re an entrepreneur struggling with your startup, or if your thinking about jumping into building a startup. If you’re not running a startup or thinking about it, being able to see the gears move behind any business is entertaining and gives you a different perspective towards any business.

Startup Glimlet media

The episodes are 20 – 40 minutes long, just the right length for being able to listen to them during your commute to work or on your lunch break.  They’re also divided into seasons, so if you’re just jumping in now, you can listen and catch up by season withing being lost if you jump around.

I love listening to how startups decide what to do with funding or how they hire, and Gimlet building a media company had a special place in my heart. Gimlet Media also offers a handful of other podcasts for your listen pleasure.

Tell us in the comments below what you think about the Startup Podcast, and if you listen to any fantastic podcasts tell us, so we can a listen and recommend them!