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Swift animations without code – Spring

Coding Isn’t easy. At first, Coding was really tough for me. The best way to put it is like learning a whole new language. But that’s ok, Once you get the hang of it, It’s like riding a bike. Building static websites or apps is ok. But it’s no fun. When you find a great user experience on websites or mobile apps, They usually have one thing in common. Animations. That’s where Meng To’s Spring for Swift 2.o comes in.

Using animations in mobile apps used to be long drawn out processes were you had to create classes for certain animations, And then hard code the actual animation. From there you use the class on the object you want (Button, Image, Text, Etc.). And that’s fine. But after a while, Especially if you have a lot of animations and objects, It gets old.




What’s great about Spring is how easy it is to use with your storyboards. You just install Spring with Cocoa Pods. Meng To’s Github repository is great. It runs you through everything to set it up and how to use it. He also provides an awesome list of the animations you can use. This is just a great resource for developers to share and use in their applications. If you haven’t tried spring or if you’re a beginner to swift or coding in general, You definitely should. Have you tried Spring? Let us know in the comments below!