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Google Photos intros smarter albums

Google Photo is already a robust cloud photo solution, beating iCloud, DropBox, and others at their own game. Google’s made the photo’s app something you’re able to install and forget about it. The app allows you to search for keywords like “baby,” tree,” or by faces. In addition to the fantastic search features, Google offers unlimited storage and shared albums.


Starting today, the photos app will build smart albums for you after a trip or event. The smart albums will collect the best shots from the event or trip, making the album ready to share with friends and family. Google’s making the app intuitive, and working in the background, you’ll completely forget that apps there.

I’ve been using Google Photo’s since the app was bundled with Google+. The photos auto upload and I’m able to search or look for photos based on locations, time, or by people’s faces which make finding old photos a breeze.

Tell us in the comments below what you think about Google Photo’s new smart albums!