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When you think VR, the first thought isn’t McDonald’s. The fast food giant wants to move away from being stale, boring, and unhealthy. They’ve started adjusting their menus, restaurant layouts, and moving the make the Happy Meal healthier. Those are great moves, but the toys offered through the Happy Meal aren’t engaging or as interesting as they were back in the 90’s. In Sweden, the company introduced a VR cardboard style Happy Meal. The kids or adults are able to transform their Happy Meal box into a “Google Cardboard” VR headset. In Austin, they took this experience one step forward by employing the HTC Vive.

The experience was immersive, taking you straight inside the Happy Meal box where you could paint, draw, and customize the world around you. I enjoyed the experience and the folks I interviewed felt like a kid again or didn’t want the experience┬áto end. McDonald’s isn’t known for pushing the bounds, but at the same time, they’ve adopted technology like Apple Pay and Android Pay ahead of other retailers.

Maybe we’ll see VR cardboard style Happy Meals shortly, or even VR rooms instead of the cold plastic of the play gyms? Tell us what you thought of the video and don’t forget to like, comment below, and most importantly subscribe the channel!

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