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Kanye’s album made Tidal the #1 free app

Kanye West helped boost Tidal the to number one free app on iOS, along bringing back the discussion of whether Tidal will survive longer. Tidal had similar surges with exclusives from Beyoncé or Lil Wayne, but the talk and app downloads die down a week after. The newest exclusive to Tidal is Kanye’s Life of Pablo, but only for another week as Kanye Tweeted. If were talking about tweets we might as well mention Kanye’s Twitter storm saying he had $53 in personal debt, and asking Mark Zuckerberg to invest $1 billion into “Kanye ideas.”


The weirdness continue with Kanye pleading, begging, his fans to go download Tidal to listen to his album.


In the end his crazy Twitter rant brought attention to himself and his new album. While it didn’t garner as much attention in Google Searches as Beyoncé did when she released her Tidal exclusive, he managed to bring the app to the number 44th top grossing app. In perspective Spotify is the number 2 top grossing app with small changes up or down.

His Twitter rant and Tidal’s surge to the number one free app brings up the discussion of if Tidal can survive against Spotify. Tidal’s whole model revolves around high quality audio and exclusive albums and songs that aren’t offered on Spotify or in stores. A lot of folks went and bought the Album from Tidal than downloaded it to their iPhone’s or other devices. On top of those folks, many users on Twitter were tweeting Kanye how they’re never going to download Tidal to listen to his music.

Will Tidal convince more artist to offer their music exclusively on the service or Apple Music or Spotify? Maybe not, because some users have brought up the question of getting awards based on how many sales and streams. Kanye may not care about that at the moment, but to keep his self proclaimed title as the great artist around he’ll surely want someone to affirm his claims.

Tell us if you’ve downloaded Tidal to listen to “The Life of Pablo” in the comments below! I haven’t but I’ll cave in a few days once I see no where else is going to get it for a while!