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Instagram now lets you switch between multiple accounts

instagram-multiple-accounts-AA-2If you needed to run multiple accounts on Instagram you had two frustrating ways to do so. First, was to sign-in and sign-out of each account everytime you need to post a personal or business picture. The other option was to carry around another phone with the business Instagram and other accounts only signed-in. While this idea great in preventing awkward posts meant for your personal accounts, the second phone is expensive, inconvenient, along with being an annoying. Instagram is making all the pain and frustration a thing of the past with an upcoming update.

The company is releasing support for multiple accounts, making it easier to manage your personal and other brand accounts. The update rolling out is on Android and iOS, with the account switching working similar to Gmail’s account switching. Once the app updates go to the profile settings and add any extra accounts. Switching between them is easy and stress free, finally!

Instagram made sure to prominently place what account you’re using to make sure you don’t post that selfie to the wrong account. Tell us if you’ll use the new account switching feature on Instagram in the comments down below! We sure will, instead of always carrying two phones.