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Fitbit unveils the ‘Fitbit Alta’

Hot off the heals of their announcement of Fitbit Blaze, the leading fitness tracker unveiled another fitness tracker called the Fitbit Altas. The Altas is “a slim, sleek fitness wristband that can be personalized to fit your style.” The device looks more stylish and less bulkier than the Blaze, and doesn’t have a huge distracting screen.

The Alta will sell for $129.95, and you can pre-order it today. It will be available at retail in March. The features include reminders to move, SmartTrack where the Altas can automatically recognize what exercise your doing, and show smart notifications from texts to calls. The small screen on the band is a OLED screen which is easy to read in any light, and shows you activity stats and the time.

The new fitness tracker aim towards fashion conscious consumers furthers fragments their line of fitness trackers. The company offers 8 different fitness trackers ranging from a basic pedometer to a full fledge smart watch. While some offer more refined health tracking they all offer sleep and step counting. While they continue to change the design and sale the trackers, the company hasn’t address the issue of users wearing the devices for 6 months than forgetting about them. If Fitbit wants to stay atop of the fitness market they’ll need to keep customers engaged and offer more stylish options over there somewhat ugly line of.

While the Altas looks pleasing I’ve found there are better looking trackers that are smarter and sync with Apple Health or Google Fit. I prefer Misfits trackers over Fitbits, but the Altas is one of the few that looks appealing. Tell us in the comments below what fitness tracker if any you have and if you’d buy the Altas once in stores!


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  1. The Blaze is Fitbit’s newest device. It is a watch that provides a cross between an advanced fitness tracker and a basic smartwatch. for more information;