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Xbox One adds smart home screen and leaderboards

After the Windows 10 Xbox One update in the fall which brought improvements to the dashboard design, leaderboard and Xbox Store. Microsoft’s starting to test the February update with the Xbox Preview program users. The update introduces a smart home screen, ability to rearrange pins and game score leaderboard.


Users have complained about the new home screen, and being able to arrange pins should have been a feature from the  start. Microsoft added the ability to see who’s in a party before you join in, meaning you won’t have to awkwardly join and wonder who’s in their. You can join Twitch broadcasts from a game’s hub, making it easier to watch Twitch streams. Microsoft is teasing a few features shared in common with the Xbox app on PCs and phones, too.

The updates are welcomed, but Microsoft didn’t say when users would get the update beyond the month of February. Tell us in the comments below what you think about the update, and what else Microsoft could fix!